Digital Printing Solutions

The Digital Advantage

Make no mistake; it’s a digital world—and Sutherland offers the world-class expertise, technologies and equipment needed for your business to take full advantage of the digital revolution in commercial printing.

With advanced color management systems and ultra high-tech digital presses, stunningly realistic color comes standard with every job we do.

While traditional sheet fed printing still has its place and advantages for many jobs, it’s hard to ignore the advantages of digital printing for others.

Benefits of Digital Printing

Cost Effective Low to Medium Volume Printing
While the per unit cost of digital printing may be higher than offset printing, the considerable costs of setting up offset jobs are spread across greater run lengths. If those same prices applied to short runs, the per unit cost would be prohibitive.
Quicker Turnaround
Because digital printing skips many time-consuming steps of traditional printing - film and plate making, offline proofing, press make-readies, press checks, drying time - print jobs can be delivered next day or even same day if necessary.
Limitless Personalization
With information imported from an external file or database, printed pieces can feature different text and graphics, allowing for a high degree of targeted marketing.
Environmentally Friendly
Digital printing doesn't require oil-based inks, film, plate making, and the toxic chemicals associated with offset printing. Plus it saves the large amount of make-ready paper wasted in traditional printing.
Unequaled Flexibility
Different versions of a printed piece for different audiences or uses can be quickly created, proofed and printed. And short runs of products such as binder sets and multi-page booklets are much more affordable.
100% Correct
There's no press proof or guessing when it comes to color correction. Since the proof you receive is really the first finished piece, production can begin immediately once you OK it.

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